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ART Real Estate Group

ART Real Estate Group - a new quality of investments in Europe!

ART Real Estate Group, vast experience in real estate and ready-made business markets in Germany, Austria and other European countries enables us to successfully carry out even the most complex and ambitious projects, provide a full range of high-quality professional services, and save our clients' time and money.
ART Real Estate Group - is your reliable partner in real estate assessment, investment structuring, financial support, economic and management consulting, tax optimization, project and financial planning, as well as property and asset management for your business.
ART Real Estate Group - is your trusted advisor and reliable partner capable of providing a full range of real-time professional advice and high-quality services in the German and Austrian real estate markets.

• real estate and housing;
• legal issues and lawyer services;
• health care;
• insurance;

Thanks to our vast experience in the area of commercial and residential property, more than a hundred successfully implemented projects and a hand-picked team of professionals, ART Real Estate Group has been holding one of the leading positions in the real estate market in Germany, Austria and Czech Republic for several years now. The main aspects and business line of the ART Real Estate Group are specifically focused on the German real estate market as well as services to investors from Russia, the CIS and BRICS countries. Our main advantage is that we are offering a complete service package. Cooperation with our clients starts long before selection of a real estate item and continues after the purchase thereof. When selecting an item according to investor's interests, we commit ourselves to:

When selecting an item according to investor's interests, we commit ourselves to:

- provide necessary funding;
- consultations;
- complex legal and tax support;

and, above all, qualified real estate trust management in terms of commercial property and real estate items purchased by our customers in Europe.